Limited Detail

When editing video footage, a bigger screen and higher resolution will always give you the advantage of seeing your work more clearly. When computer screens are too small or the resolution is too low, however, the detail you see on screen may be less defined and can result in minor errors going overlooked.

Color Inconsistencies

Colors are a powerful storytelling tool in videography. When a visual story is created, colors play a major role in creating the desired look, feel, and emotion of a piece of work. When colors are not accurate on your screen, flaws in your visual story can arise and can be frustrating to correct.

Lack of HDR Support

High Dynamic Range video content is gaining popularity for its ability to display a wider range of information in a scene and create a more realistic looking image. Content creators who would like to utilize HDR in their content will need hardware that can support and display HDR content to take advantage of this tech.

How VP Can Help

High Detail and Clarity

VP monitors are available in resolutions up to 4K UHD and screen sizes up to 38 inches for maximizing on-screen detail.

Color Calibration

All VP monitors are equipped with hardware calibration functionality for flawless color accuracy and alignment across devices.

Accurate Color Performance

With Delta E<2 color accuracy, ViewSonic VP monitors deliver stunningly accurate color reproduction that is nearly indistinguishable from real life color for consistently brilliant photos every time.

The Universal Color Language

ViewSonic VP monitors cover 100% of the sRGB color gamut to reproduce rich and vibrant color. Working in the industry standard sRGB color space ensures that the color in your videos perfectly aligns across devices and on the web.

99% sRGB

HDR Support

VP monitors with HDR support are able to display more detail in the brighter and darker parts of a scene when viewing HDR10 content.

Ergonomic Design

Auto Pivot and an IPS panel that delivers clear images from almost any viewing angle give you more flexibility when previewing work for clients on set.

Seamless Viewing

The frameless design on VP monitors is a quality of life upgrade that gives the monitor a clean look and improves your viewing experience. Whether on its own or side-by-side in a multi-monitor setup, users will enjoy a streamlined viewing without the distraction of a bulky bezel when editing photos and extending content.

Preset Color Mode for Adaptive Color Settings

Take advantage of industry standard sRGB, EBU, SMPTE-C and REC709 color precision modes for a consistent viewing experience with a range of screen applications.

Seamless Workflow Management

Industry-leading Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) Switch technology with USB 3.1 Type-C allows user to control peripherals being used alongside VP monitors from a single keyboard and mouse. USB 3.1 Type-C provides Windows and Mac OS system users with user-friendly management of power charging, large-quantity data transmission, and video display.

A More Comfortable Viewing Experience

TUV certified Flicker-Free and Blue Light Filtration technologies help to combat eye fatigue over extended periods of viewing. VP2771 keeps you protected from flickering and harmful blue light that is responsible for headaches and sleeping disorders for more comfortable viewing.

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