UNIVERSE - A Metaverse Built for Education

Through ViewSonic’s continuous commitment to innovation in EdTech, and to support educators in overcoming challenges faced within different learning environments, UNIVERSE - an immersive digital learning platform - has been designed to enhance out-of-classroom learning experiences.

At times when educators and learners cannot be together physically, we observed that bringing a class together online and maintaining high engagement levels is not an easy feat for educators. Students can also lose focus over time when they are not stimulated by the social interactions and encouragement they receive from peers and teachers. To address this issue, UNIVERSE was created to serve as a platform where the education community can come together to learn and grow without the boundaries of the physical space. It can augment their online experiences to better suit the needs of modern education.

Features of UNIVERSE
Driving Engagement
Immersive 3D Environment: Brings the familiar classroom to a virtual space and enhances the overall experience
True-to-life sound: Ergonomic and enables a more natural way of communication
Attention measurement: Measure students' attention and engagement levels
In-class participation tools: quizzes and random name generator to boost participation and sense students' level of understanding

Enhancing Collaboration
Multiple discussion modes: students can discuss and collaborate in smaller groups, and teachers can monitor each group effectively
Content sharing: easy screen sharing, intuitive video conferencing and user-friendly digital whiteboarding to cater to various teaching styles
Chat & reactions: easily communicate and raise questions or concerns, express how you feel and have your reactions seen by others

Fostering a Sense of Belonging
Self expression via customizable avatars: encourages self-expression and interaction with peers
Comfortable learning space: interact and learn without having the pressure to always hvae your camera on
Safe digital environment: built-in functions to ensure studens are in a safe digital learning space