ViewSonic Celebrates 35th Anniversary and announces EaaS strategy

In 2022, ViewSonic celebrated its 35th anniversary and announced its latest strategy - “Ecosystem as a Service” (EaaS). Over the years, the company has successfully transformed from a hardware company to a solutions provider. With its experience and expertise, it further commits itself to innovating and collaborating with its partners to strengthen the entire ecosystem, promoting the industry to greater transformations.

ViewSonic provides a comprehensive EdTech solution that integrates ViewBoard interactive displays, myViewBoard software, and an EdTech ecosystem. To resolve the lack of interaction in traditional online learning tools, ViewSonic further introduced the UNIVERSE - a virtual 3D environment to elevate the digital learning experience, as well as to drive engagement, enhance collaboration and foster a sense of belonging.

It also provides a full range of innovative products, like portable monitors, projectors, and pen displays, and services to help consumers and businesses improve their efficiency, flexibility, and performance. With a customer-centric mindset, ViewSonic continues to upgrade its product line, invest in the latest technologies, and create a tight-knit community between educators, creators, and gamers across different vertical markets to inspire the world with visual excellence.